Write with purpose, compose with style

Everyone can compose. But not everyone can be a composer.

Sounds rather profound, but true. I’ve realized, and thought about it for quite a bit, as usual :) It’s funny to be thinking about such things, but I feel that there is a need for me to, in order to grow not only physically as a teenager, but as a musician who writes.

Writing music — virtually everyone can pick up a pen and start writing on manuscripts, and the result may even turn out to be wonderful, as long as he / she has a strong grasp of music theory knowledge (harmony, cadence, voice-leading, etc) concerned and yeah, a pen and piece of paper.

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It’s good to sit down and think, sometimes

About time I start keeping a journal of thoughts for my musical endeavors!

It’s very enriching, indeed, to have some time alone thinking, after so much time being spent on talking about stuff with friends and my brother without thinking (i.e. spouting nonsense). It’s also very heartening to look back and see how I actually managed to grow quite a bit, mature quite a bit from my past cliche ways of thinking and writing. :)

I’ve always viewed musical composition as a way that people can express their thoughts, emotions — that includes joy, yearning, love, grievances or even anger. It’s true. You are what you write, isn’t it? If I were a very conservative composer (I’m not), I would stay close to the usual realms of ‘accepted’ or ‘orthodox’ means of achieving a ‘safe’ piece of composition that wouldn’t bring me much trouble in consequence. If I were a wild, experimental sort of composer, unsatisfied with ‘standard’ harmonies, I would probably explore a wide range of writing styles and try to achieve maximum effect with those technics of composition.

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