“…-ing a sound-…” (2016)

Three songs for Mezzo-soprano, Counter-tenor, Bass, violin, piano & synthesised sounds

c. 7’20

Apr 2016, Girton College, Cambridgeshire, England
Olivia Crawford (soprano)
David McGregor (counter-tenor)
Rory Copeland (bass)
Erin Barnard (violin)
Ji Heng Lee (piano)

Additional remarks:
Texts written by members of the Girton Poetry Group

Score available on MusicaNeo

… -ing a sound- …
1  the act of making a sound
2  the instantaneous yet ‘open-ended’ nature of sound, and of hearing a sound

blankIn this collection of three songs, I explore various ways of interpreting poetic metaphors related to ‘sound’ and/or ‘music’. The songs are settings of poems written (by poets from the Girton College Poetry Group) on the theme of ‘sound’, all of which are rich with musical metaphors, e.g. pitches, intervals, dynamics, etc. When set to music, some of these figurative expressions are translated literally into musical events through word-painting. I also sought to reimagine the visual arrangement of typography of the poems’ original layouts through the manipulation of musical form, texture, pitch and rhythm.