Maranâ thâ (2015)

(‘Come, O Lord’)


c. 3’20

Nov 2015, Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, England
Matthew Rudd (conducting), Ely Consort Choir

Additional remarks:
Won the Ely Consort 2015 Advent Carol Composition Winners Prize
Read review by Graeme Curry here

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blankMaranâ thâ     ‘Come, O Lord.’ (1 Cor 16:22)
Maran ‘athâ     ‘Our Lord has come.’

blankThese are the two lexical forms into which this two-word Aramaic formula may be translated (from the Greek expression), and between which interpretations translators have also debated. Either way, the expression holds strong significance for the spirit of Advent – the expectation for the coming of the Lord (maranâ thâ), and its eventual fulfilment through His being with us (maran ‘athâ). This choral work thus presents both forms of the expression, with texts taken (with some parts abridged) from the King James Version of Isaiah 64:1-2, 40:10-11, and Psalm 80:1, 80:19.