OUTSIDE IN: an immersive sound experience (2018)

Installation & participatory improvisation

22 Mar 2018, 1300-1900 hrs
Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall,
Royal College of Music, London

Jointly presented with:
Zacharias Wolfe & Oliver Buckland
Electronics by Oliver Buckland
Special thanks to RCM Studios

blankWith inspiration drawn from stoicism and existentialism, OUTSIDE IN explores our relationship with the world around us through the use of sound.

blankPart I: Sound installation (1300-1800 hrs)
On the day of the project, live sounds from different locations College were transmitted and reproduced within a hexagon of sound speakers in the concert hall. Participants were invited to step into the hexagon and immerse themselves in sound, for as long as they wished. The experience of placing oneself in a vulnerable position, submitting to the constantly changing sounds, might be liberating, yet possibly also uncomfortable. Beginning at a comfortable level, the sounds gradually intensified over the five hours, until they reached a point of maximal disorder. Participants were invited to return to the concert hall to experience the disintegration of these familiar, everyday sounds.

blankPart II: Collective sound immersion (1800-1900 hrs)
As the organ set the hall in vibration with sustained low-pitched sounds, participants were given a text piece with simple instructions to follow (see 2:10 onwards of documentative film), encouraging them to take part in a collective process of listening, making sounds (with their bodies), responding to the surrounding sounds, and finally, ending whenever they felt it was necessary.