repose I (2017)

Baroque flute, baroque viola & harpsichord

c. 4’40

Mar 2018, Royal College of Music, London
Amelia Shakespeare (baroque flute)
Ethan Rouse (viola)
Tipwatoo Aramwittaya (harpsichord)

Score & parts available on request; preview on issuu:

blankrepose I was composed for three instrumentalists in Consort 21, a historical performance chamber ensemble formed with a keen interest in performing contemporary repertoire. Led by Jane Chapman, the Consort comprises students at the Royal College of Music who meet weekly for rehearsals in Spring term, culminating in a showcase concert. This year, the concert took place in the Farinelli room on 16 Mar.

blankI would say this piece is a ‘compositional response’ to a sketch by my fellow composer friend, Lara Poe. When both of us initially discovered that we were writing for the same combination of instruments (flute, viol da gamba & harpsichord; the viol was later substituted with viola for my piece in light of unfortunate circumstances), I suggested that it would be nice to write ‘twinned’ pieces. Lara was up for it. She showed me her sketch, and I wrote my piece. I then showed my piece to her, and she wrote hers—repose II.

blankIn this piece, moments of ‘scurrying-about’ are followed by moments of ‘water-droplet’ calmness—or repose. In particular, I explore for how long I am able to sustain a moment of calmness, just before the calmness turns into tension as one anticipates the next thing to happen.