through the | thicket | (2018)

Solo alto flute (Kingma System)

c. 5’20


Score available upon request; preview on issuu:

Studio recording by Carla Rees
October 2018

blankThis set of miniatures for solo alto flute takes a curious peek into a piece for piano duo, entitled | thicket /-/-/ gesträuch |, written by my dear friend (and fellow composer) Nathanael Gubler. In each miniature, the | thicket | is being viewed through various perspectives — peeked into, its leaves scrutinised, heard from within… — which also explains the title of this piece. The more I listen to Nathanael’s work, the more creative possibilities I gradually discover; the number of miniatures in this set, I believe, would be growing over the years. The | thicket | is ready for picking.

List of miniatures:
blanki.  glimpses of midday
ii.  . . . to leaf to . . . leaf . . . from . . .
iii. the wind from within

blankAbout this version
This version of the score has been appended with fingering diagrams (taken from for the Kingma System alto flute, and is intended for the QTCheck/Kingma System Alto Flute Call for scores organised by Carla Rees and Jonathan Pitkin. The QTCheck software — along with Carla Rees’ — has been consulted extensively throughout my composition process, especially with regards to the practicalities of tremolo fingering involving quarter-tones.